A man arrested on his way to funeral to Serb killed in Banjska

NEWS 01.10.202316:13 0 komentara

Lazar J., a local Serb from Zvecani, was arrested by the Kosovo police in Jarinje, while he was going to the funeral to a Serb killed in the village of Banjska, who will be buried in Vrnjacka Banja, with his family, friends and compatriots, the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija said. The information has also been confirmed to N1.

Kosovo police has also stated that the man was taken to southern Mitrovica for interrogation.

In a statement to N1, the Kosovo police confirmed the arrest of one person “for illegal possession of weapons.”

However, they could neither confirm nor deny whether this arrest was related to the incident in Banjska one week ago.

“The person was detained for an information interview. He did not possess a weapon at the time of his arrest. The prosecutor is familiar with the rest of the information,” said Veton Elsani, deputy police commander for the northern region.