A11: Chinese Linglong managers again confiscated Vietnamese workers’ passports

NEWS 26.11.2021 22:45

The Initiative for Social and Economic rights A11 said on Friday they had learned that the managers of the Chinese tire LingLong company in northern Serbia again took away the passports from some of their Vietnamese workers.

Several of the Linglong employees confirmed the information, the A11 wrote on its Twitter account.

„Chinese managers again took passports from at least one group of workers, allegedly, to regulate the documents,“ the A11 program coordinator Danilo Curcic told N1.

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„Those workers who did not want to surrender the passports were threatened that their entire group would not be paid. So, most of the workers we spoke to returned their passports to the company,“ he added.

Curcic said A11 was trying to determine how the workers’ travel documents were confiscated and why.

After the media published reports of dire conditions the Linglong Vietnamese employees lived and worked, some were moved from the warehouses to other locations and had their passports returned.


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