Serbia's Vucic: Any Kosovo solution is my political end


Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, said on Monday he knew the Serbs would never forget him a better future and peace, because “Serbia celebrates only wars and defeats.”

Speaking to a Belgrade Kurir tabloid, Vucic added the Serbs never celebrated those who had secured them peace and preserve it.

That’s why he believed that “whatever solution for Kosovo may be, it will be my political end.”

“I’m absolutely certain that I would not have understanding or support of the majority of our people for any decision on Kosovo, but I’m also sure that the future and history would have a different look at my role and at what could and should have been done,” Vucic said.

He did not want to “speak publicly” about what Kosovo solution would be acceptable to him.

“I thought to speak about it, because I am not ashamed of it and because I could easily explain it to the Serbs (in the way) that any smart and normal person would understand, but I cannot go public because that could weaken Serbia’s intentional legal and negotiating position,” Vucic added.

Referring to a recent raw between Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and a minister, Vucic said she had his unequivocal support which he would made clear at the next meeting of his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

Brnabic has reacted angrily after Nenad Popovic, Minister for Innovation, tweeted what he thought about an educational text book explaining gay parents.

The government’s session that followed reportedly saw a raw among ministers with two of them, a Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic and Jadranka Joksimovic in charge of European Integration, defending Popovic’s right to a personal opinion.

Another report said Brnabic had offered her resignation to Vucic what he vehemently rejected and the PM later said she would remain at the government’s helm “because I love Serbia,” as she put it.