Blair Institute identifies advisors for Serbian government

NEWS 06.12.2018 19:05
Source: Printscreen/Rojters

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has found two people to serve as advisors to the Serbian government, a spokesman told the Insajder portal on Thursday.

Spokesman Benedict Macon-Cooney said the job offer advertisement had been removed from the Institute web site because the candidates had been identified. “The positions are linked to Institute projects in Serbia in support of strengthening public services. They are part of the wider, non-profit activities of the Institute in support of governments all over the world and do not cost the Serbian government anything,” he said.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said earlier that the government was not paying for the advisors under a contract with the Institute and did not say who was covering the costs.

The Institute published an invitation for applications for two advisory positions in Belgrade a few days ago.

The invitation called for one senior advisors with significant experience in reforming the public sector and developing economic policy. The advisor would solve key problems in priority government projects and help with project management, foreign policy briefings and strategic communications.

The second position was for senior advisor in communications who would advise the government and support ranking state officials in public relations. This candidate also has to have experience in reforming the public sector and developing economic policy.

Brnabic said the engagement of the Blair Institute in the form of a delivery unit started under Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and was continued by her cabinet.