President Vucic says he will 'tell the truth' at UN Security Council session

NEWS 16.12.201813:03

President Aleksandar Vucic announced he would attend a session of the UN Security Council, scheduled for next week, regardless of whether the session will be open for public or not.

“I will tell the truth about how much effort we put to reach the compromise, and the other side didn’t want that,” Vucic told Prva Television.

After an informal meeting held Friday evening at a request of Serbia, the UN Security Council scheduled a session for the next week to discuss the most recent developments in Kosovo.

Vucic said he would attend this meeting “to tell the truth” and that he would address those who helped that a compromise is not reached.

According to him, the Brussels agreement in the Belgrade-Pristina talks was “a difficult compromise” for Belgrade but it fulfilled all of its obligations.

Vucic also said he was not fascinated by the resolution on normalisation of the relations that the Kosovo Parliament adopted, assessing that with this document Pristina intends to close the door to the dialogue with Belgrade.

Serbia’s President said this document stipulates that every possible agreement must lead to Kosovo’s full independence, no altering of borders and that the integrity of territory would be maintained in line with the principle of unitarity.