Strike continues at Serbian real estate registry Authority

NEWS 26.12.201811:22

Strikers at the Serbian Geodetic Authority, which handles the country’s real estate and utilities registry, said they would not end their strike despite pressure from the management.

The strike started on Monday, December 24 in most of the Authority services with the leaders of two unions saying that the services which were not on strike had come under pressure from the management.  

A statement by the Nezavisnost Union and United Union Organization said that the management was making statements to the media to portray justified dissatisfaction as political manipulation by unions. “These are the most drastic examples of pressure on unions and violations of the right to union organization,” it said.  

The unions denied any political background to the strike, adding that the Authority has had a shortage of staff for more than 10 years while operations have increased and salaries dropped by almost 20 percent.