Serbian Tax Authority chief announces stiffer punishment

NEWS 04.01.201917:31

Serbia’s Tax Authority chief Dragana Markovic said on Friday that punitive policy for tax evasion will be stricter in 2019.

She told Belgrade daily Blic that the Tax Authority will continue fighting the grey economy and added that 878 criminal charges had been filed over tax evasion totaling 4.9 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars).  

According to Markovic, inspections of public income beneficiaries will be continued to cover all high-risk tax payers.

“The stricter punitive policy for tax evasion will surely lower the number of those criminal cases and strengthen tax discipline in Serbia,” she said.

Markovic said that tax exemptions in the form of tax credit will be in place this year for new innovation businesses. “Employers will be exempt from paying taxes on earnings and social security dues if the salaries are no higher than 37,000 Dinars,” she added.

The Tax Authority chief said the priority this year is to have all tax returns filed digitally.