RS President: Republika Srpska has very good relations with Serbia and Russia


The President of the Bosnian Serb-dominated half of the country said on Saturday that the government of her region, Republika Srpska (RS), and that of neighbouring Serbia will hold a joint session in February to discuss economic projects.

„Those are important energy projects, the construction of hydropower plants Foca and Paunci,” Zeljka Cvijanovic told the “Glas Srpske” newspaper.

Republika Srpska is grateful for the projects Serbia has had there over the past few years and for being sensitive toward certain needs the region had but without interfering in internal affairs of the RS, she said.

The Serb majority region of Bosnia and Serbia will continue to develop their good relations, Cvijanovic announced.

She complained about the state-level leadership in Sarajevo, mainly the Bosniaks, saying that they are trying to keep the acting ministers from the RS in state institutions as they do not like the new ones who should be taking over the posts following the October 2018 General Election.

She said the acting ministers lack legitimacy, but that Bosniaks want to use them as ‘decoration’ and to prevent new political forces from taking over.

Cvijanovic said she was glad Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will be visiting Serbia on January 17, adding that Republika Srpska has very good relations with Russia and that it will continue to maintain the partnership.