Serbian police warn local media editor of danger over reporting on incident

NEWS 28.03.201917:57

The Serbian Journalists’ Association (UNS) said on Thursday that the police in the town of Zajecar warned a local media production editor of security threats against him after trying to seize his legally owned firearm.

The UNS said that the police first tried to take away a firearm legally owned by Za Media production editor Dusan Vojvodic before informing him of potential danger, adding that the whole thing is linked to the production’s reporting on an incident in a night club in Zajecar when a high school student was injured. The nigh club owner and security chief demanded that Za Media not report the incident.  

Vojvodic is quoted as saying that he fears that the same kind of scenario is being prepared as in the case of Zig Info journalist Milan Jovanovic whose house was burned to the ground following reports about corruption in his home town.  

The police did not seize Vojvodic’s firearm after the local police chief told him that he was in danger. UNS said this was not the first time that Vojvodic was under pressure over his production’s reporting.