Adria News: CNN and N1 cooperation is stable


Following false information about the alleged breaking of CNN and N1 alliance, Adria News, the N1 owner, wants to tell the audience in Serbia that there is no threat of ending that partnership nor has it ever been questioned, Adria News has said in a statement on Monday.

Upon calls for information from the media in Serbia which, like following someone’s dictate, are trying to construct fake news, CNN has once again confirmed that N1 is CNN exclusive regional news partner and that the cooperation is stable.

“N1 is CNN partner, and CNN has no plans to change that status,” the TV network says in a statement.

The credibility of Adria News and N1 contents is convincingly proven by the fact that many European TV media carry N1 content via Enex network, the association of private television media, operating in over 50 countries around the world.

We still don’t have any information about Brent Sadler leaving the company. He still has a consultant contract with Adria News, and we haven’t got his request for the termination of the agreement.

Brent Sadler is not involved in any operational job in Adria News or any N1 production centre for some time, but the position he holds never requested daily work.

His consultant role was important in assembling the N1 teams in centres in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo, but the board in Luxembourg is in charge of the editorial policy and content.

We believe that the viewers can see excellent cooperation among all N1 studios in the region daily since all three centres produce the best quality news programme.

Adria News is aware that the authorities often criticise our television channels for their independent policy.

Our journalists and editors are exposed to threats and that’s why we have recently sent a letter to the international and non-governmental organisations, media associations, as well as to the European Union, asking for the protection of N1 and its journalists from the campaign against N1 conducted by high-ranking state, Government and the ruling coalition officials.