RFE: Albanian bakery owner in Belgrade receives threats on social networks

NEWS 16.05.2019 17:30
Source: N1

Serbia’s Special Prosecutor’s Office for Hi-tech Crime (VTK) confirmed there were reasonable doubts that Mona Dierai’s safety was imperilled by threats he received on social networks, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported on Thursday.

Dierai, who owns two bakeries “Roma” in the Belgrade Borca suburb for years, have been targeted recently by Serbia’s ultra-rightists who organised protests outside his shops because one of his former employees posted a photo of himself with a sign of the Albanian double-headed eagle on his Facebook profile two years ago.

The Prosecutors informed RFE that they started collecting evidence to establish the identity of the perpetrators.

Late in April, a group of ultra-rightists demonstrated outside Roma bakery, put sticker reading “Kosovo is Serbia” on the shop window, asked people not to shop there and put a pig head on the bakery’s counter and in front of the shop.

Following the protests, the social networks were flooded with nationalistic messages and threats.

It continued even after the protests, and Dierai told RFE he was afraid for his and his family safety since his home address was also made public.

Belgrade police have taken measures to protect him and his family.