25th anti-government Protest in Belgrade

NEWS 25.05.2019 20:15
Source: N1

The 25th 1 in 5 Million protest started with the singing of the Serbian national anthem in Belgrade on Saturday, followed by speeches from several speakers.

Democratic Party (DS) official, actor Bransilav Lecic told the crowd that protests across the country have been called for June 8, adding that the steps to follow would be announced at those gatherings. Lecic is a veteran of protests against the Milosevic regime and joined the 1 in 5 Million protests from the start.

Other speakers said violence is impermissible. The protest march was headed by people carrying a banner saying No More Bloody Shirts, a reminder of the incident that launched the protests when opposition leader Borko Stefanovic was beaten during a party gathering in the town of Krusevac. An N1 reporter said that the biggest protest next week would be staged in that town.

The protesters marched past Belgrade city hall chanting Resign, Resign and on to the Serbian state TV building for a performance of the so-called Free Serbia News and then in front of the main entrance to the Serbian Presidency building where a so-called Free Zone was set up.

Protest organizers said that Saturday’s march was devoted to everyone who was physically assaulted by the authorities.