Presentation of false promises in front of Serbian presidency

NEWS 26.07.201916:17
FoNet/Aleksandar Levajković

The 1 in 5 Million Association presented “all the false promises made by President Aleksandar Vucic” at a performance in front of the Serbian Presidency building in Central Belgrade on Friday to mark the 7th anniversary of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) coming to power.

The promises made by the president were written out on a roll of toilet paper.  

Activist student Valentina Rekovic said that the citizens of Serbia have heard only “false promises” in the past seven years and added that everything that the SNS has done and has not done has the “value of toilet paper”.

“The SNS is exporting and expelling young people because it wants to leave room for everyone who buys diplomas and falsifies doctorates,” she said and added that the Belgrade University Dean’s offices would be blocked on September 1 if a decision is not taken to declare that Finance Minister Sinisa Mali plagiarized his doctorate.