Indian aerospace company buys Serbian light aircraft

NEWS 01.08.2019 15:27
AFP/Adam Ihse/Ilustracija

A Serbian light aircraft maker has signed a 500,000 Euro deal to sell three airplanes a company in India.

Jagodina-based Aero East Europe has contracted the sale of three of its ultra-light single-engine planes to the Karni Aerospace company of Jaipur, a press release said. The Indian company bought two of the Serbian company’s Sila 450 aircraft and one ambulance Sila 750.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Aero East Europe owner Milorad Matic said he is pleased that the Indian company first went to Italy, Germany, Spain and France before coming to the Jagodina-based company as the most competent and most favorable. “Aircraft exploitation conditions in India are specific for light planes because of high temperatures and our planes proved to be the most durable because of their metal structure,” Matic said.

The Indian company’s owner Abhimanyu Deta said the three-plane contract is the start of cooperation between the two companies. The press release quoted him as saying that the Indian company is interested in building a plant in the Jagodina industrial zone.