Serbia’s Vucic promises aid to water polo teams, they have to say thank you

NEWS 07.08.2019 22:41
Source: N1

The great news about the state financial help to water polo clubs in Serbia came into question since the promise came from President Aleksandar Vucic who legally had nothing to do with the country’s budget, N1 reported on Wednesday.

  Serbia’s Waterpolo has been hugely successful with over 70 gold, silver and bronze medals in international competitions at all levels as the former Yugoslav water polo national team and then that of Serbia.
After winning one of their gold medals, some players publicly complained about the treatment clubs had in the country, including the lack of pools for training.
They were criticised then, but Vucic “corrected” that by promising the Government would finance 23 men and six women teams.
Following talks with Vucic, the head of Serbia’s Water-polo Federation Viktor Jelenic said “we had a great meeting… since they (clubs) guarantee future successes of the national team, he (Vucic) immediately accepted our suggestion for the state’s (financial) help.”
However, nothing comes for free. The independent daily Danas published a part of the agreement for financial aid which stipulated that the clubs were obliged to thank the Government and the Waterpolo Federation in media.
But, the real issue is based on what Serbia’s President talks about budget spending?
Goran Radosavljevic, a professor at FEFA, told N1 that Vucic “has jurisdiction only over his cabinet budget.”
But, he added, since Vucic also headed the most significant political party, his political influence can make the Government decide what he wanted it to.
And Prime Minister Ana Brnabic confirmed that.
“I have never hidden that I’ll always listen to President Aleksandar Vucic’s advice… I would’ve been ignorant, irresponsible and not serious towards Serbia’s citizens if I said: ‘No, he has nothing to say (about it).’ I listen to, and I will listen to (his) advice. And we decide together,” she said.   Ivana Pavlovic, a journalist with Nova ekonomija (New Economy) said the President had neither constitutional no legal authorisation to be a tutor, representative or acting prime minister.”
“Serbia’s people have every right to ask why we pay the Minister of Sports in this case, and Prime Minister and her cabinet, if President Aleksandar Vucic constantly says what building we will demolish, what is ugly, which hole we should patch, which pipe to make, and now which sports clubs we should finance,” she said.