More than 50 deaths on the job in Serbia this year


A total of 53 on the job deaths have been reported this year in Serbia, according to Labor Ministry data which showed that there have also been 779 serious injuries.

The worst month of the year so far was July when four on the job deaths were reported. The average annual number of serious injuries stands at around 800.  

The causes of the injuries and deaths are said to be a lack of safety training and failure to obey regulations with construction workers being the most likely to suffer injuries or die on the job.  

Zoran Mihajlovic An official from Serbia’s Independent Unions Alliance said that the problem will not be solved as long as untrained laborers are brought in to work unregistered on risky sites. He said that employers are not punished in the right way, workers don’t get training and labor inspectors don’t do their job right. “Until all that is corrected we will continue to have serious injuries,” he said.  

“We have had construction workers come to us saying that they don’t dare report on the job injuries for fear of loosing their jobs,” portal staff member Zoran Mihajlovic said.  

According to available information, employees do pay compensation for light injuries but the families of employees who die on the job have a hard time getting compensation and have to go to court to collect from the employer.