Serbian parliament speaker says McAllister initiative welcome


Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic told reporters on Wednesday that she welcomes efforts by the European Parliament to bring the inter-party dialogue back to parliament.

Speaking after David McAllister MEP said that the European Parliament is prepared to mediate in a dialogue between the authorities and opposition over election conditions if the speaker responds positively to the initiative, Gojkovic expressed hope that talks could be held soon on organizing meetings in parliament and the initial topics of discussion with the first meetings held on October 9-10.  

She said the dialogue should be held under her auspices with the participation of some European Parliament representatives, adding that all parliamentary parties would be invited as well as experts at a later stage. “We are all aware of the deadlines and will focus in the first stage on topics familiar to all politicians and the public such as conditions for the elections in March 2020. That means the media, electoral rolls, campaign financing and similar,” she said.  

Gojkovic said that she would not represent her Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) at those talks.