Journalists’ groups condemn opposition politician's insult to RTS TV colleague


The two most significant associations of Serbia’s journalists condemned on Wednesday “vulgar and sexist threats and insults the leader of the Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) Sergej Trifunovic wrote on his Twitter account to a state RTS female journalist Olja Jovicevic, N1 reported on Wednesday.

The Union of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) said that “Trifunovic’s insults show the radicalisation of a political showdown with journalists,” and called on “the NGOs and the Commissioner for Equality to protect Olivera Jovicevic’s dignity.”

The Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS) also condemned Trifunovic’s tweet, saying that he “undoubtedly insinuated that the author of the ‘Question Mark’ political talk show is a prostitute. That in no way suits someone who leads a civil political party and intends to lead the country.”

NUNS added that the lack of professionalism and ignorance of the journalists were a legitimate target of criticism but that there were mechanisms to point out „too dedicated or advertising work“ of media people, but sexist or any other insults in public should not be used by the politicians and public figures.

Both associations called on Trifunovic to apologise.

The state RTS said Trifunovic “went bellow the level of primitivism, and we don’t expect his apology.”

However, Trifunovic apologised.

“I apologise to the citizen, (Serbian Progressive Party) SNS bot and a poisoner of the media scene Olivera Jovicevic for comparing her evil doings to the oldest occupation. I expect UNS and NUNS to apologise to the journalists for comparing such person to them.

Now sports news,“ he wrote on his Twitter account, publishing a photo of Jovicevic and Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.