UNICEF collects seven million Dinars for preschoolers

NEWS 14.11.201920:10

Nearly seven million Dinars (just less than 60,000 EUR) was collected during a charitable concert in Belgrade, organised by UNICEF, the FoNet news agency reported on Thursday.

The 6.9 million will be used for the preschool educational programmes and the purchase of material and toys, UNICEF said.

The UN organisation celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by organising the children choir Kolibri concert and the performance by violinists Stefan Milenkovic and Nemanja Radulovic.

„Two days ago, Serbia’sSerbia’s Government joined UNICEF global call to commit itself again to honour the Convention. There is no better moment to celebrate the renewed collective efforts to achieve rights for every child,“ Regina De Dominicis, the UNICEF director in Serbia, said.

The audience included many children and their parents who enjoyed the concert.

Besides them, several companies supported the concert, enabling the children with disabilities and invalidity and the orphans from the state institution to attend the show.