Serbian Post Office staff launch strike


Serbian Post Office staff launched a strike on Tuesday in several places, demanding higher pay.

Independent Postal Workers’ Union leader Zoran Pavlovic told Radio Free Europe that Post Office staff were on strike in Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Kikinda and Lazarevac, following Monday’s protest in front of the main post office in Belgrade. He said the Post Office staff went on strike spontaneously and were not organized by the unions.  

“The strike spread across Belgrade today, with staff stopping work in Belgrade and other places,” he said, adding that the strikers were demanding higher pay. He said post office salaries ranged from 32,000 to 39,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 117 Dinars) or 270 to 330 Euro.  

Post Office employees went on strike in March 2019 and were promised by Deputy Prime Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic that some of their demands would be met. Pavlovic said the government had invited the strikers to send negotiators to a meeting on Wednesday.