EU: Kosovo Govt. to be formed soon, dialogue with Belgrade to resume


The European Union High Representative to Kosovo Natalia Apostolova told Kosovo online website she expected Pristina to form a government soon and to continue the dialogue on the normalisation of the relations with Belgrade, the FoNet news agency re[ported on Wednesday.

She said Pristina should abolish the 100 percent import tariffs on goods from Serbia introduced over a year ago as soon as a new cabinet was formed.

Apostolova said her mission was not informed about any new counter-measures the future government might apply. “I talked to the political leaders, but I don’t know what they are up to.”

“Kosovo went through the election process organised in a matured way, as our observers assessed, the preliminary results were published… and we now want to see Kosovo’s institutions at work,” Apostolova said.

 She added the Serb List, a political organisation supported by Belgrade should be a part of a new government since its representatives were legally elected.

“The Constitution is clear… but they (new leaders) decide who to propose, and we’re very interested to see how that problem will be solved,” Apostolova said.

She recalled that Josep Borrell, the new High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said the dialogue should continue, that lots of time had been lost and that’s why Kosovo’s government should be formed as soon as possible, because “we have to have players to renew the talks.”

Apostolova said Kosovo needed to implement all deals from the Brussels Agreement, and that the same applied to Serbia.

She added the EU appreciated the involvement of any partner, like the US, in finding a successful solution to the Belgrade – Pristina issue.