Albanian President decorates Kosovo rescue teams

NEWS 04.12.2019 16:56
REUTERS/Florion Goga

The president of Albania presented decorations in Pristina on Wednesday to members of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) Search and Rescue unit for their efforts following the recent earthquake in his country.

President Ilir Meta told a ceremony at the Kosovo Defense Ministry that the Order of the Golden Eagle was presented for helping save victims of the earthquake which he said united all Albanians.

“Albania was not left alone. Our partners helped but Kosovo was the first country to come help save many lives,” he said.

Meta said decorations would also be presented to the Kosovo Police, the power company, firefighters from Suva Reka and rescue teams from Trepca and Novo Brdo.

A total of 51 people died and some 3,000 were injured in the November 26 earthquake in Albania which left thousands homeless.