Serbia’s Cassation Court rules against tabloid for insulting RTS TV journalist

NEWS 05.12.2019 12:50

The High Cassation Court (VKS) in Belgrade upheld the High Court initial verdict which found guilty ‘Insajder Tim d.o.o.” and Dragan Vucicevic for violated the honour and reputation of public broadcaster RTS TV journalist Natasa Mijuskovic, the Beta news agency reported on Thursday.

The Court said she had the right to express her opinion about any social or political issue on a social network, as guaranteed by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The convicted will have to pay 50,000 Dinars (1€ = 118 dinars) with interest to Mijuskovic, trial costs and are obliged to publish the verdict in its second issue from the final ruling at the latest.

The Informer tabloid accused Mijuskovic in November 2016, of “regularly and wholeheartedly attacking the state and authorities at Twitter.”

Among other Mijuskovic’ tweets, Informer especially mentioned one where she praised Dusan Masic, a BBC journalist at the time, who was hosted by “CIA N1 TV” and linked “the state to the mafia, censorship, financial control of the media and covering up and protecting the suspects in the Savamala case” (when unknown masked men demolished several private objects in the middle of the night, grabbed people’s phone and even tied up some of them.)

Mijuskovic said on Thursday that since the convicted had not met any of its obligations by the legal deadline, her attorney would pursue further.

“I’m glad there are still honourable judges in this country… and I hope that the state will have mechanisms to enable the implementation of the final court verdict,” she added.