Belgarde Megatrend Univeristy's owner gives up selling University

NEWS 05.12.2019 15:01

Mica Jovanovic, the owner of the disputable Belgrade Megatrend University told the Prva TV on Thursday he gave up the selling of his school, adding he was tricked, after saying last week he had sold the University for 56.1 million Euros to a German consortium represented by Dejan Djordjevic, the Beta news agency reported.

The move came after B92 website reported that people contacted Prva TV and Megatrend saying they rented apartments and offices to Djordjevic, and he owned them from several hundred to several thousand Euros.

They asked how come he had 56 million to buy the University, while Jovanovic said he was befooled.

“I’ll try to get back to my chamber. I’ll talk to the lawyers and tell them to annul the contract. I admit I was naive. The University suffered enormous moral damage. I’ll try to stabilise it in the next period financially,” Jovanovic said.

He added the selling was real.

At a news conference last Thursday, Jovanovic said he sold the University after a negative campaign against it and himself which culminated with N1 documentary ‘Mega Diplomac’ and that the German Consortium was obliged to invest an additional 150 million in the next five years.

However, this Thursday, Jovanovic said Djordjevic was not registered as a new owner of the building and the University, and that he would try to talk him about the annulment of the contract. “If he doesn’t agree, we will do that unilaterally,” Jovanovic said.