Ambassador Godfrey says US concerned over elections in Serbia

NEWS 05.12.2019 18:52
Tanjug/Filip Krainčanić

US Ambassador Anthony Godfrey told the Juzne Vesti news portal that Washington is concerned over the election environment in Serbia, adding that fair conditions have to be secured for the next government to be considered legitimate.

Speaking in a video interview, the ambassador said that an election boycott is neither fair nor productive because it leaves a large number of voters without the opportunity to express their view. He said that he would like to see politicians given a chance to freely express their views on TV and present their goals to the electorate. He added that it would be inappropriate for a US ambassador or other foreign embassy to mediate in a dialogue on elections because the role of the international community is not to be a political player in Serbia.

Godfrey said the media situation was full of challenges with the media often coming under pressure with cases of self-censorship and threats to journalists.

The ambassador said that Washington’s view is that the best way to achieve its goals is to help Serbia achieve its goal of membership in the European Union.

He added that the US do not object to Serbia’s strong cultural, historic and religious links with Russia which he said are important to Serbia but added that the he believes that the country’s future lies in Europe.