Kosovo outgoing Govt. spent half a million Euros on food and drink in two years

NEWS 06.12.2019 11:25

Over 500,000 Euros were spent in less than two years of the outgoing Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s mandate on extravagant food and drinks, Kosovo’s Media reported on Friday.

And as it usually is the case, but only when someone’s political days are numbered, their habits at the expense of the state budget suddenly come to light. This time, Kosovo media came into possession of hundreds of bills for extravagant expenses of the outgoing ministers among which food and beverage topped the list.

Commenting on the media reports, Haradinaj said he was innocent. “Ramush Haradinaj hasn’t spent a dime from Kosovo’s budget for his meal. I eat lunch in the office, meat pie or something like that,” he told local TV21.

However, the published bills speak a bit differently, and hundreds of them prove that the ministers couldn’t resist visiting expensive restaurants and enjoy the most expensive food and drinks.

Still, the most bizarre bill was sent from the office of a deputy prime minister Fatmir Limaj, for the refunding a pack of Marlboro cigarettes cost bought on a business trip to Albania.