Serbia's opposition: Regime's affairs not enough to take part in elections

NEWS 06.12.2019 13:03
FoNet/Nenad Đorđević

There is no chance that the Alliance for Serbia (SzS), the largest opposition group in the country to take part in the next spring general elections, despite many affairs involving top state officials, Vuk Jeremic, the leader of the People's Party and the SzS chairman, the FoNet news agency reported on Friday.

Jeremic said that the regime’s affairs could not be swept under the carpet any longer, but that there should be conditions for free and fair elections and that they were honoured. He told reporters the opposition publicised the affairs in the interest of the people and that information were coming more than ever before.   

SzS does not participate in what they describe as ‘a Potemkin’s village.’

The SPP Deputy leader Marinika Tepic said Vucic’s obsession with Djilas slid into pathology., and asked him to stop attacking the opposition „because he will make some malevolence.“

„You (Vucic) persecuted Oliver Ivanovic until he was killed. I don’t know who murdered him, but I know who persecuted him,“ Tepic said.

Ivanovic, a Kosovo’s Serb opposition politician, was assassinated outside his office in the northern part of the divided Mitrovica town with a local Serb majority, in January 2018. A few days ago, Kosovo prosecution charged seven people of participating in the murder.

Two months before the killing, pro-regime Pink TV aired an election campaign video describing Ivanovic as a traitor to Serbs’ interest in Kosovo.

On Friday, Jeremic accused the authorities of targeting the opposition and particularly Djilas „as a justification for their abuses of power that are published every day.“

Numbering some of the affairs, Jeremic said they were the result of a conflict between the powerful factions within Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), i.e., between the clans led by (Interior Minister) Nebojsa Stefanovic and (Vucic’s brother) Andrej Vucic.

Jeremic charged that the Tax Administration, under Andrej Vucic’s control, as he said, supervised companies suspected to be close to Stefanovic.