Serbian government names election oversight body

NEWS 06.12.201917:01

The Serbian government sent a list of names of members of an election overseeing committee to parliament, a press release said on Friday.

It added that the members of the committee will monitor pre-election activities and report on possible irregularities in the actions of parties, candidates and other participants in the election process.  

“This body will control the media in terms of implementation of the law providing equal conditions for candidates and parties and will suggest measures to secure equality of candidates. It will also issue public statements when needed to protect the moral integrity of candidates,” the government press release said.  

The committee is obliged to warns of actions by parties, administrative bodies, candidates and the media in cases of obstruction of election campaigns and to protect the equal rights of all candidates. “If campaign pariticipants call for violence, spread national, religious or racial hatred or incite gender inequality, the committee will immediately call for proceedings before the competent state bodies,” it said.