Vulin: Serbia takes care of Serbs outside Serbia

NEWS 11.02.2020 17:47
Source: Agencije

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin called the Montenegrin authorities to take care of the Serbs living in that country, adding that Serbia “will defend Serbs wherever they live and whatever happens to them”.

Speaking at a commemoration for the late FR Yugoslavia Defense Minister Pavle Bulatovic in Montenegro, Vulin said that every attack on any part of the Serbian Orthodox Church and its property is an assault on Serbs “wherever they live”. “There is only one Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian state can’t take care of Serbs without taking care of the church,” a Defense Ministry press release quoted him as saying.  

According to the press release, Vulin said that Serbia wants the Balkans and Montenegro to be safe, stable and peaceful but “there can be no happiness for anyone if the Serbs in Montenegro or any other state don’t live in peace, are not respected and protected”.  

Vulin said that “the Serbs are the only people in Europe who have to fight for the right to speak their own language, use their own script, believe in their God in a Church that they deserve”.  

Vulin also voiced regret over official Podgorica’s decision not to allow the military members of his delegation to wear their uniforms to the commemoration to the Yugoslav Defense Minister who was assassinated in Belgrade in the year 2000. Pavle Bulatovic was a member of a party which was opposed to Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists and was against the separation of Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia’s Ambassador in Podgorica Vladimir Bozovic denied media claims that military personnel were forced to exchange their uniforms for civilian suits at the airport in the Montenegrin capital. The Montenegrin authorities said that the Serbian officers would not be allowed to wear their uniforms because the Bulatovic monument was not of state significance.  

Vulin said that he it seems that “everything that is Serbian is always a problem” and added that he is “sorry that the Serbian uniform is so terrible that it should not be in Montenegro”.