Kosovo government declares public health state of emergency

NEWS 16.03.2020 09:42
Source: N1

The Kosovo government met in telephone session to declare a public health state of emergency over the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic as proposed by Health Care Minister Arbeni Vitia.

A statement said that the Health Care Ministry is in charge of implementing the state of emergency in line with national reaction plan and emergency measures.  

The minister said that four new cases had been confirmed bringing the total to nine. He called the public to stay at home and follow the recommendations of the ministry and National Public Health Institute.  

The first coronavirus cases in Kosovo were confirmed last Friday in the towns of Klina and Vitina and two more cases on Saturday one of which was in the town of Malisevo. All three towns have been quarantined and the government is expected to quarantine the town of Podujevo which is on the road to the Merdare border crossing with Serbia proper.