Serbian government imposes new measures to combat coronavirus

NEWS 17.03.2020 14:23

The Serbian government on Tuesday introduced a new set of measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, including a ban on the export of medication and stricter limits on public gatherings.

The government also earmarked several facilities to serve as quarantines if needed.  

Under the new measures, public gatherings both out in the open and indoors can be organized only if the space between two people is at least two meters and not more than one person is allowed on a space of four square meters. Facility owners are obliged to put up signs with the total number of people allowed inside. The measure does not include people who cannot implement it because of the nature of their job.  

The government expanded an earlier ban on medication exports, completely forbidding exports of any kind of medicine. It also expanded the ban on exports of sunflower oil to include unprocessed sunflower seed and semi-processed oil.  

The government repeated its call to the public, especially the elderly, to show responsibility, stay at home and stick to the measures designed to protect them from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.