Opposition to discuss whether to boycott Serbia's June elections

Tanjug/Tara Radovanović

Marinika Tepic, an MP and deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), told reporters at the Parliament that the opposition parties would decide on Thursday whether to change its decision to boycott the forthcoming general, provincial and local elections in Serbia due on June 21, the Beta news agency reported on Wednesday.

She said that the election conditions were not better, but even worse and that she didn’t see why the decision on boycott would change.

„But, we’ll see on Thursday,“ Tepic told reporters.

She added that what could change were the opposition activities, but did not specify.

Tepic mentioned the latest Freedom House reporton Serbia, adding the country was not seen as democratic anymore.

The idea of taking part in the forthcoming vote came amid the coronavirus pandemic due to general dissatisfaction among people with the state of emergency introduced on March 15 and the set of measures implemented to prevent the virus from spreading, including the curfew which at some point lasted for 83 hours.

For the last ten days, people across the country were protesting against the way the regime handled the pandemic and other policies of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led by the head of state Aleksandar Vucic, by making noise from their windows and balconies every night at 8:05.