Serbia’s rightists, mostly from Levijatan group, protest outside migrant camp


Some 50 rightists, mostly members of the Levijatan movement, founded to protect the animal’s rights, gathered outside the migrant camp in the Belgrade Obrenovac suburb on Wednesday, in support of a member of the organisation who forcibly drove into the camp last Thursday and is ordered 30-day detention, N1 reported

They said they knew that what Filip Radovanovic, 20, had done was wrong, but added that thanks to the pressure from media and NGOs which declared him a terrorist, he was detained for a month.

No one was injured during the incident which was a continuation of an anti-migrant mood in Serbia, supported by claims the country would give them citizenship and jobs. The authorities denied the claim and the majority of migrants and refugees were transiting through the country on their way to the West.

The crowd said they too had the right to their opinion and that it would not have been heard if there was no protest.  

The rally went on peacefully with only a few police officers present.