UNICEF, Red Cross deliver playing and studying packages to families in need

NEWS 15.05.202019:01

On the occasion of the International Family Day, UNCIF and Serbia's Red Cross, financially helped by the USAID, delivered packages for playing and studying in support of the families mostly hit during the coronavirus epidemic in the country, the Beta news agency reported on Friday.

UNICEF said they made 3,200 family packages for 10-year-olds.

„This is a special day because many families face difficulties in the pandemic; but also a day of unity and solidarity. It’s important to help the families coping with the pandemic’s consequences,“ Regina De Dominicis, the UNICEF representative, in Serbia said, adding gratitude to the Red Cross and USAID for help.

USAID supported UNICEF in Serbia with $500,000 in response to COVID-19 to reduce the epidemic impact and prevent its spreading through warnings about risks.

The money is also meant for providing the hygiene products and collecting and analysing data necessary for a global answer to the pandemic.