Professor: Greater Serbia project is still causing instability

NEWS 14.06.2020 16:00
Source: N1

The Greater Serbia project that caused the instability of the 80s and the wars of the 90s is also the cause of the current regional instability, professor and sociologist Slavo Kukic told N1 in Bosnia on Sunday.

“The entire instability was caused by the Greater Serbia project in the second half of the 1980s and that was the cause of the war in the first half of the 1990s,” Kukic said, explaining that the project was following the instructions of the famous Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, SANU.

“That project is not dead,” he stressed.

“Everything that happens around Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the implementation of a document knows as ‘Memorandum 2’, designed in 2012 which contains instructions Serb politicians have to follow in order to implement the project,” he said.

Kukic said that everything Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik is saying publicly can be found in that document.

“The difference is that the (first) document had a more head-on approach while the other one is more subtle,” Kukic said.

Dodik is responsible for the project’s implementation in Bosnia while the Serb Orthodox Church is responsible for Montenegro, he said describing the Church’s masses there not as “serving God“ but as a „political demonstration of a project.“

In order for his region to progress, this ideology has to be defeated, Kukic said.

„In order for something to change in this region, the Serbian society has to go through a catharsis,” he said, adding that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has not changed a bit in this sense but that he only became more mature and wiser in realizing his goals.

“You won’t hear the same messages as those from the hills around Sarajevo but now you hear how he respects Bosnia and its sovereignty and how he loves Republika Srpska and that he won’t tear down those ties, but in fact, he is motivating Dodik to continue with his destabilisation,” the Professor explained.

As long as Vucic is dominating Serbia, one should not count with a stabilisation of the region or with good neighbourly relations, he said.

„Such a change is not likely to come at these elections, Vucic is indisputable and has the support of the common Serbian citizen. And that citizen is far from any catharsis or trouble the entire region is experiencing for years because of this ideology,” Kukic said.

fHe added that everything has an expiration date and that he hopes that this date will come also for the Greater Serbia mantra, which is now personified by Vucic.