Bieber: Vucic party's victory proves Serbia is undemocratic country


The absolute victory of President Aleksandar Vucic's Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) "offered a good insight into Serbia as an undemocratic country," Florian Bieber, the director of the South-Eastern Europe Studies at the Graz University, said, the Beta news agency reported on Thursday.

 „I think that Aleksandar Vucic, a man who has always tried to preserve a façade of democracy, and who has attempted to favour some parties, has failed to do that and hasn’t got what he wanted – to win, and at the same time has a loyal opposition which he could shift responsibility to,“ Bieber told the Belgrade independent Vreme weekly.

He added that a new parliament would not have „an extreme rightist party which was useful regarding the Kosovo issue in the past. He (Vucic) now has no excuse.“

Commenting on the media in Serbia, Bieber said that „Vucic has his pro-European media, his anti-European media, loyal pro-Western NGOs and pro-Russian NGOs.“

„He covers a whole spectre and that make substantial changes in society difficult,’ Bieber said.

According to him, it’s clear that the currently dominated political project has no perspective and that the „economic, political and social situations will worsen.“

„An answer to the question when will it be better is, perhaps, that it first has to be worse before improving,“ Bieber said.