Procedure against Kosovo Serb politicians for failing to report income

NEWS 27.07.2020 10:49

Serbia’s Anti-corruption Agency started the procedure against Goran Rakic, local Kosovo Serb politician, who is also a minister in Pristina Government and the director of the public utility Standard company for failing to report his income and property to the Agency, Serbia’s Centre for Investigative Journalism (CINS) reported on Monday.

CINC investigated the case and reported it to the Agency, asking for answers.

The Agency told CINS it also launched procedures against two other local Serb officials for not reporting the incomes, flats, houses, land and vehicles in their possession. The fine varies from 425 to 1,200 Euro.

However, if it’s established their motive was to hide the property, they face six months of imprisonment, demission and ten-year-ban of holding a public office.

The Agency told CINS it was still checking whether there was evidence for procedures against three more officials, who, according to the Agency, also failed to report incomes and properties.

It added that two other officials reported those data after CINS investigation, but without the dates when they were provided.