Opposition to Bilčík: It's high time to condemn media muzzling in Serbia

NEWS 27.07.2020 14:30

Ana Stevanovic, the international secretary of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), criticised on Monday Vladimir Bilčík, the European Parliament (EP) Special envoy for Serbia, for failing to condemn what was happening with media in the country, adding his statements were 'phraseological with mention of the importance of media freedom and independent journalism.'

„You haven’t concretely condemned (the media situation in Serbia), not once, despite (the ruling) Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) control all TVs channels with national frequency including the public broadcaster paid by all citizens,“ Stevanovic said.

She asked Bilčík if he knew that the opposition leaders could not be seen and heard on the state RTS TV for years, adding that President Aleksandar Vucic spoke for 40 minutes in the main evening news which usually lasted for half an hour.

Stevanovic also said that the pro-regime private Pink TV had conducted ‘a brutal media lynch against the opposition leaders and everyone who dares to say a word against the current regime.

‘“Since you are a member of the group formed after the murders of the European investigative reporters, we want to believe that the media situation in Serbia, as unique in Europe and much worse than in Hungary, will attract your attention and condemnations,“ Stevanovic said.