Serbian, Croatian experts developing AI system to predict COVID-19 development

NEWS 27.07.2020 21:57

Teams of Serbian and Croatian scientists are working on AI software which is intended to predict how COVID-19 will develop in coronavirus-infected patients.

The project named COVIDAI is being developed by teams at Kragujevac University in Serbia and Rijeka University in Croatia with the approval of the Central European Initiative (CEI).

Kragujevac University Dean Nenad Filipovic told reporters the software cross-references all data from hospitalized patients to predict how the disease will develop in other patients.

His counterpart at Rijeka University Zlatan Car said that there are two important elements in the project. “One is developing models to show how the pandemic spreads because we know that there are different ways depending of behavior in different countries… and the other is developing a personalized model for each infected person,” he said.

The software will be available to hospitals in Serbia and Croatia as well as other neighboring countries.