Opposition: Fabrizi to say why he tacitly supports Serbia's autocratic regime

NEWS 28.07.2020 14:51

The deputy leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP )Borko Stefanovic asked the head of the European Union Delegation in the country, Sem Fabrizi, to explain why he "tacitly support te Belgarde autocratic regime," with reiterating "common phrase about Serbia's' progress towards the EU."

 In an open letter to Fabrizi, Stefanovic accused the top EU diplomat in Serbia of becoming „a tacit observer of the killing of our democratic perspective by the hybrid regime which took the state away from the people, usurped the institutions and privatise the police, judiciary and quashed democracy.“

„I’m not the only one who says that. There are the reports by the relevant international institutions like the Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders, Europarlamentarians, as well as the intellectuals like Florian Bieber and Gunruda Steinacker,“ Stefanovic added.

He said that „the head of the EU Mission in Serbia should be our ally in the attempt to move the country closer to the bloc, and not a tacit observer of the erosion of trust and the fading out of the people’s enthusiasm for joining the Union.

„That, according to Stefanovic, „is a direct result of the regime politicians’ statements foreseeing the dissolution of the EU and saying the European solidarity is dead.“