EU Delegation says unjustified investigations should not be launched

NEWS 28.07.2020 19:01

The Delegation of the European Union in Serbia said on Tuesday that “unjustified investigations should not be launched” adding that it is aware of the Finance Ministry Money Laundering Prevention Department’s demand for access to the financial records of a number of media and NGOs.

“We advocate full transparency but unjustified investigations should not be conducted,” Delegation sources told the FoNet news agency.

The sources said that the Delegation is looking into the reports and the facts to gain full understanding of developments, including time frames and procedures.


“We have been informed of the demand by the Money Laundering Prevention Department for information on finances and other details for a number of media and NGOs among others,” it said.

The sources said that NGOs and media play key roles in Serbian society and should be allowed to operate freely without inappropriate pressure.