Roma Party demands info on money for integration projects

NEWS 28.07.2020 19:32
REUTERS/Ivan Milutinović

The Roma (Romska) Party on Tuesday demanded to know where the money earmarked for Roma integration has gone.

“As members of the Roma Party we are especially concerned about the manner and the sources from which money was spent on projects aimed at Roma integration and whether there has been any misuse, that is if dirty money is being used for political influence on Roma in democratic processes including elections,” party spokesoman Sanja Sajn said.

She added that NGOs, National Minority National Councils and every individual should undergo legal control.

The Serbian Finance Ministry’s Money Laundering Prevention Department has drawn up a list of media employees and NGOs whose bank records it wants to check and is demanding access to their bank records to determine whether they are connected to money laundering or operations to finance terrorism.