EU spokeswoman tells Pristina daily only comprehensive agreement to be signed

NEWS 28.07.2020 22:19

European Union spokeswoman Nabila Masrali told Pristina daily Gazeta Express on Tuesday that Belgrade and Pristina will not sign separate or partial agreements but will sign a comprehensive agreement after discussing all issues.

“Kosovo and Serbia will sign a comprehensive agreement to normalize relations after all issues are discussed and agreement is reached on everything. The road to the EU for both sides is through the EU mediated dialogue,” she is quoted as saying.

The Pristina daily said that the EU will work with the two sides to achieve a comprehensive normalization of relations and resolve all unresolved issues.

“The EU and its member states expects the sides to implement all agreements reached in the past. Unresolved issues from previous agreements will be resolved in parallel in the negotiations for a comprehensive agreement,” Gazeta Express reported.