Alliance for Serbia transforms into United Opposition of Serbia

NEWS 10.08.2020 13:05

The Alliance of Serbia (SzS) has officially transformed into the United Opposition of Serbia (UOS) on Monday, gathering 12 parties and movements, including a Hungarian minority's party, in an attempt to more seriously challenge the ruling coalition led by President Aleksandar Vucic's party.

SzS boycotted the June 21 general vote in Serbia due to „unfair elections conditions.“ They also did not take part in the European Parliament (EP) representatives’ mediated dialogue with the authorities and some opposition parties’ about the changes in the process.

The members of the new organisation have to meet two conditions – that no one has ever collaborated with Vucic and respected the decision to boycott the last ‘false elections,’ Janko Veselinovic, one of the UOS leaders, told reporters.

„Serbia is not a free country… After false elections boycotted by the people and opposition, Serbia has become the only country in Europe without legitimate parliament and government,“ he said.

His colleagues also addressed reporters, explaining they joined the UOS to change the system and not to replace those in power.

Earlier, the SzS leaders have vowed they are not interested in ruling the country but suggested a transitional government, changes in some laws, freedom of media and fresh elections after nine months or a year.

In 2000, a similar organisation, the Democratic Opposition of Serbia, succeeded in overthrowing the strongman Slobodan Milosevic who ruled the country for ten years, after serious of protests and presidential elections, followed by the general vote.