Telekom Srbija: We have never hidden cooperation with Wireless Media

NEWS 24.08.2020 15:09

The state-owned communication and media Telekom Srbija company said on Monday it had never kept secret its cooperation with the privately-owned Wireless Media firm, and that the collaboration "significantly contributed to its rapid response to competition among TV channels, multimedia production and its digital promotion and distribution.

The Telekom statement came after Marinika Tepic’s news conferenceoutside its headquarters during which she showed a Telekom contract, saying it proved „organised crime.“

The statement did not answer any of Tepic’s questions, but only said it had never hidden its business cooperation with Wireless media.

„After many years of cooperation, we can responsibly say that it has a positive effect on our appearance on the market and the value of the company,“ Telekom said, adding the contract was confirmed as valid by two respective world audit and consulting companies.

The statement did not mention the names of those companies.