Serbia's Vucic: Excellent phone talk with Israeli's Netanyahu

Tanjug/Služba za saradnju sa medijima predsednika Republike

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic published on his Instagram account late on Friday he had "excellent phone conversation" with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during which the two confirmed the friendship between the two countries and peoples. Vucic said he might visit Jerusalem soon.

He promised to relocate Serbia’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by July 1, as a part of the documents he signed in Washington during Belgrade – Pristina talks witnessed by the US President Donald Trump.

The US and Guatemala are the only two countries that moved their embassies in violation of the UN 478 Resolution calling on states not to do that.

Vucic told the state RTS TV the leaders of some world powers asked him why he would violate the Resolution?“I told them – ‘tell me that when we violate something, but before, I ask you why did you violate the UN 1244 Resolution (on Kosovo)“ The two of them were shocked and suggested we see each other soon.“

His promise to relocate the embassy caused worries among the Arab countries, as well as in the European Union which also disagreed with the White House’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israeli’s capital and move the US embassy there.

The Palestine ambassador to Serbia said on he asked for a meeting with Vucic, expecting an explanation for the promised move.