Defence Minister: Vucic is the president of all Serbs in the region

NEWS 27.09.202011:10

Aleksandar Vucic is the president of all Serbs and should create a “Serb world” in the region, Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Saturday, adding that Serbs should stop apologising for the idea of a “Greater Serbia.”

„If we had the courage to draw up and declare where we live in the two former Yugoslavias, we would not be talking about this today. But we didn’t have that courage, and the great powers never allowed the Serbs to unite,“ Vulin told TV Prva.

Serbs across the region should make joint political decisions on important issues and they have „apologized for Greater Serbia“ enough, he said, commenting that a territorially united Germany does not seem to be a problem for anyone, but that politically united Serbs do.

The minister said he is not interfering in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries and asked argued that at the same time “Montenegro threatens to ban the Serbian Orthodox Church” and “North Macedonia builds its church on the foundations of the Serbian Orthodox Church.“

When asked whether he is afraid of potential consequences to his statements, Vulin asked reporters to tell him whether anything he said is untrue.