Armenian expert: Serbia has sold arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan

NEWS 30.09.2020 20:43

Sosi T'at'k'ijan, an Armenian expert told N1 TV on Wednesday she had checked several times before talking to N1 and was sure that Serbia exported arms both to her country and Azerbaijan as well, and that Russia did the same.

 „Srbija exported much more weapons to Azerbaijan than to Armenia, and that’s clear by the number of arms that arrived in Azerbaijan which received more advanced weapons,“ T’at’k’ijan said.

She added that „Russia and Israel „are two main arms suppliers to Azerbaijan. Can you imagine, Israel (dose that), whose people also suffered a genocide like Armenians! That’s why we think they shouldn’t do that, especially since they sell them modern arms.“

„So, it’s not true that Serbia had been selling weapons to Armenia only. What appeared in the media was the newest contract, but the fact is that Serbia sold arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan,“ T’at’k’ ijan added.

She said that as soon as „Azerbaijan start using money from gas and oil to support its army, they thought they could solve the situation in an armed conflict,“ the diplomat said and added that the propaganda against the Armenis is „quite normal“ in Azerbaijan.

T’at’k’ ijan said her country was ready for a solution acceptable to all three sides (including Nagorno Karabakh, the disputed area) and claimed the latest conflict was not spontaneous.

„The world may wrongly assume that it is about the state of war. That translation is incorrect. Our Constitution contains the Declaration about the war in which, thanks to God, we are not yet. We also have a war situation, translated as military situation, meaning you have only several restrictions introduced during coronavirus pandemic not only in Armenia but in Serbia as well,“ T’at’k’ ijan said.

The measures include: the Prime Minister becomes the army chief-of-staff; ban on spreading unchecked information; all military equipment mobilised, and all reserve military personnel recruited,“ the expert who cooperates with many Armenian and international NGOs, has said. 

T’at’k’ ijan added that there was a curfew in Azerbaijan, the Internet was almost completely blocked, apart from Twitter and all civilian flights were grounded.