Russian ambassador denies media claims about Putin visit


Russia’s Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Bocan Harchenko on Thursday denied Serbian media claims that President Vladimir Putin canceled a planned visit to Serbia.

He called the report in Danas daily “unbelievable” in a Twitter post. “Unbelievable writing in Danas daily that Russian President Vladimir Putin called it off with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. That has nothing to do with reality and is a complete and irresponsible fabrication,” the ambassador said.  

 Bocan Harchenko added that “everything will be officially disclosed when the time comes”.  

Danas and the portal quoted sources who said that the Russian President would not be coming to Serbia in October. President Vucic said during a visit to Moscow in June that Putin “confirmed that he is coming to Serbia in October”.  

According to some sources quoted in Belgrade media, the Putin visit was not canceled because it was not scheduled.