Clooney Foundation for Justice following Serbia arms deal whistleblower case


Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ) has been familiarised with the case of Serbia's whistleblower Aleksandar Obradovic and might monitor his trial if charges against him remain in place, the foundation's spokesperson confirmed speaking to N1.

Obradovic was arrested and kept in detention for revealing dubious ammunition deals involving people close to the Serbian authorities. N1 reported extensively on the case. 

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“TrialWatch monitors trials of journalists, women, LGBTQ persons, human rights defenders, and minorities and advocates for those who are unjustly imprisoned. Trial monitoring involves sending an observer to court to report what they see and hear, which can then permit an assessment of a trial’s fairness and advocacy where violations are identified. We are aware of the ongoing investigation involving Aleksandar Obradović and may in the future seek to monitor trial proceedings if charges are pursued,” said the CFJ.

Obradovic’s attorney, Vladimir Gajic, said he was contacted by the Foundation’s staff two days ago, explaining they were willing to help his client as they are monitoring similar cases across the world.